Bernie Taupin

Who has not in some way been touched by the musical poetry of Bernie Taupin. Through countless chart toppers, his lyrics have spoken directly to the hearts and inspired the spirits of millions around the world (Tiny Dancer, Candle in the Wind and Bennie And The Jets to name just a few). But his profound artistic expression does not end where his words leave off.

For years Bernie Taupin has extended his art beyond his lyrics and found it's way onto the canvas. Through painting Bernie has expanded his artistic horizons into frontiers where words have given way to his broad palette of color, where timing and cadence once served, now texture and the gesture of his brush bring his vision into a new dimension.

Limelight Agency is very excited and honored to be the first to present the art of Bernie Taupin to the gallery world, and it's a privilege we do not take take lightly. Over the years we have been given the opportunity to work with nearly every celebrity who has picked up a brush, but star appeal alone has never been our standard, we are artist agents and as such our primary consideration must be that the art stands on it's own. In the case of Bernie we saw an artist who has brought to painting the same distinct intuition for what lives at the core of everyone's emotional being, and he has been able to convey it as a painter as masterfully as he's done through song for decades.

With great pride and privilege we present the art of Bernie Taupin

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15 Minutes
Blood Money
French Quarter
Monolith II
Target #1
Authority In Perspective
Fire Box
I Shall Not Speak With Restraint
Virtical Disbalief
Monolith I
Evolution of a Womenhorse
Lone Star
Parade - Flag Day