Grace Slick

Grace Slick was best know as a rock singer for Jefferson Airplane/Starship. Now she prefers a paintbrush to a microphone. Now painting professionally her work has been very well received by collectors as well as critics.

"As far as I can determine at this point, creation is constantly taking place and my life is a result of and pursuit of that process. Sometimes the form is music; sometimes it is giving birth, or maybe just sitting and appreciating sunset. Simply watching beauty helps it "exist."

"When I am in the process of painting I am gone to a place that relieves me of trivia and encourages the expression of a more vibrant existence. Painting is a still form. Unlike film, the movement has to be implied on canvas and translated to you by way of a mutual and basic recognition.

New Release

High Tea
Pricing is available upon request. (818).347.0319 or Pricing and availability of the artwork is subject to change at any time.
Limited Editions Available by Grace Slick
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Alice With White Rabbit
Bar Code
Blue Nude
Classic Rabbit
Don Blanco
Golden Gate
Her Mistress' Voice
Janis Wood Nymph
Jolly Rocker
Kiss the Sky
Not So White Rabbit
Self Esteem
Tweedle Dee & Dum
White Rabbit in Wonderland
White Rabbit Remembering the Good Old Days
White Rabbit