Opie Otterstad

While there are many key points that have landed Opie Otterstad were he is today. The lighthouse that led him in the direction of the rocky shore where sport and art meet was Fran Pirozzolo. One of the leading sports psychologists in the world, Fran saw Opie working on some drawings while working a summer job at Baylor College of Medicine and asked if he did more than just draw. That led to commissions from Fran for Evander Holyfield, Greg Norman, and Berhard Langer. He has been a ship caught in that storm ever since.

The continuing wisdom of his professors and mentors coupled with a new confidence launched Opie into a lifelong effort to quell the ill will between sport and fine art. Using a love of 20th Century art and a passion for saying something in a new way a new manner of sports art was born.

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'27 Yankees
Angels Victory 2002
Boston Champs
Boston Champs II
Busch Stadium New
Busch Stadium Old
Cardinal Celebration
Coopers Town
Derek Jeter, Hit King
White Sox Celebration 2006
Yankee Celebration 2009 Basketball
The Cage
Lakers/Magic '09
Horry 3 Rinds