JK Keifer
Monopoly, The Art!

You win!

It's all about the fun of playing it your way. Were you always the Scottie dog, and your brother the race car?  Capture the memories, the exuberance, and the triumph of winning, in Monopoly, THE ART!  

Scrabble, The Art!

Words Count.

The spontaneity of play, the randomness of tiles plucked from a velvety bag, the inspiration of a moment...and yet it means something so much deeper.
In “Scrabble, The Art!” painters J&K Keifer have captured those moments of accidental magic. Except maybe they're not so accidental after all.
Stokes of bold color and golden overtones evoke sunlit afternoons. It's a fresh new interpretation of style where Pop Art meets Painterly.
Pricing is available upon request. (818).347.0319 or info@gallery-319.com. Pricing and availability of the artwork is subject to change at any time.
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Take a Chance
Grand Champion
True Love
Drama | Comedy
Blue Ribbon Day
Best in Show
Love Words
Top Game
Winner's Circle
Carpe Diem
Big Guns
Lady Luck
Need Coffee